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Fully charged projectiles that are thrown or fired at a nearby shulker will not deflect properly


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      When the player shoots a projectile at a closed shulker or a breeze from a distance of 1-3 blocks away, the projectile will almost instantly be deflected at the camera's position, never getting near the entity.

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Summon a shulker with no AI:
        /summon minecraft:shulker ~ ~ ~ {NoAI:1b}
      2. Fire an arrow at it from 1-3 blocks away
        → observe result
      3. Fire an arrow at it from >=4.5 blocks away
        → observe result

      Observed Behavior:

      When firing it from a closer distance, the arrow will almost instantly be deflected at the camera position, and the player's view will be visually cluttered from all the arrow and particles created. The arrow will also not damage the player due to MC-125936 and/or MC-214546. When attempting this same issue with breezes, the behavior is less noticable comparatively (shown in the video/s)

      Expected Behavior:

      The arrow would get near the shulker's hitbox before being deflected properly at close distances just as it does from further away.


      Reproducing the issue from a third-person perspective:

      Reproducing the issue in first person:


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