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Tabs in recipe book and Creative inventory do not support translucent pixels


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    • 1.20.5 Pre-Release 1, 1.20.5 Pre-Release 2, 24w19b
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      Relates to the following UI translucency issues: MC-109447 MC-165036 MC-165182 MC-174732 MC-192307 MC-200987 MC-251303 MC-268171 MC-268929 MC-269083 MC-269085 MC-269440 MC-269441 MC-269445 MC-269619 MC-269622 MC-269627 MC-269751 MC-269755 MC-269763 MC-269832 MC-269834 MC-269936 MC-269937 MC-270049 MC-270051 MC-270518 MC-270519 MC-270563 MC-270564 MC-270640 MC-270641

      More loosely relates to these issues: MC-144009 MC-145821 MC-164001 MC-165403

      The bug

      If the textures used for the tabs in the Creative inventory or recipe book contain translucent pixels, these will be rendered completely opaque in-game.

      Images attached to MC-109447 show that this was not previously the case (aside from a bug where the first tab of each would always be opaque).

      Tabs in the advancement screen are not affected by this issue, and correctly render as transparent at all times.

      How to reproduce

      1. Download and apply the attached resource pack
      2. Enter the Creative inventory or recipe book
      3. Observe

      Expected results

      Translucent tabs.

      Actual results

      Entirely opaque.

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