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Wind burst enchantment is significantly stronger on vehicle entities


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      When striking a minecart, or boat entity, the wind burst enchantment will launch you far further into the air compared to when the player hits any other (seemingly 'living') entity.

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Spawn a boat, or minecart
      2. Get a mace with wind burst
        /give @p mace[minecraft:enchantments={levels:{"wind_burst":3}}]
      3. Strike the boat/minecart
        The player is thrown vertically into the air, far higher than when hitting any other mobs.
      4. Strike a creeper with no AI
        /summon creeper ~ ~ ~ {NoAI:1b}

        The player is thrown into the air vertically at an expected rate.




      1. The behavior described here is not about whether or not the described entities should activate the enchantment, it is entirely related to the strength of said enchantment.
      2. This may be blocked by the resolution of MC-269954, as it's unclear if non-living vehicle entities should be applicable for the mace to propel the player in the first place.
      3. Related to MC-269954 MC-269953 MC-269980
      4. This behavior is the same for wind charges, which is covered in MC-269993

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