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Ctrl + Pick Block does not copy Trial Spawner data correctly


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      When doing ctrl+pickblock on a trial spawner to get it's data, it only copies the spawn_data and ignores the rest of the data. 


      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Use the command (in a command block)

      /give @p minecraft:trial_spawner[minecraft:block_entity_data={normal_config:{simultaneous_mobs:3,simultaneous_mobs_aded_per_player:0.5,ticks_between_spawn:20,spawn_potentials:[{data:{entity:{id:"minecraft:blaze"}},weight:1}]},id:"trial_spawner",ominous_config:{simultaneous_mobs:5,ticks_between_spawn:10,spawn_potentials:[{data:{entity:{id:"minecraft:wither_skeleton"}},weight:1}]}}]

      to get a Trial Spawner with data for both the ominous config and normal config

      2. Place it down and Ctrl+Pick Block it

      3. Place the Ctrl+Pick Blocked Trial Spawner elsewhere and run

      /data get block ~ ~ ~

      and notice how it only copied over the spawn_data

      4. Use the original trial spawner and turn it into an ominous trial spawner via the bad omen effect

      5. Ctrl + Pick block that spawner and place it elsewhere

      6. Notice how it is a trial spawner in its normal state

      /data get block ~ ~ ~

      only shows the current spawn_data was copied over, in this case it was the wither skeleton because it was in its ominous state

      I.E. if you do ctrl+pickblock on a trial spawner it will only copy the current spawn_data over and ignore the configs and blockstate.

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