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Boats and chest boats cannot be eaten when they have the minecraft:food component


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      Boats and chest boats cannot be eaten when they have a food component set.

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Get the following item:
        /give @s minecraft:oak_boat[minecraft:food={nutrition:4,saturation_modifier:0.1}]
        /give @s minecraft:oak_chest_boat[minecraft:food={nutrition:4,saturation_modifier:0.1}]
      2. Try and eat it

      Observed & Expected Results:

      - The boat(s) cannot be eaten when the player is not looking directly at a block which is applicable for placement.
      - The boat(s) would be edible because their primary function (being placed/summoned) is not possible.


      1. This issue is similar to MC-145916, in that the game tries to place the boats above all else, and when that function cannot be fulfilled, nothing happens at all.
      2. Armor stands-- which are similar to boats in that they are summoned via item form into the world, can be eaten as expected.

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