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Experience bar and jump bar render translucent pixels as opaque


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      Cause of issue is likely to be linked to MC-269083 - would recommend looking into this as well.

      The bug

      If the experience bar or jump bar is given a texture with translucent pixels, they will be rendered completely opaque in-game. This is in stark contrast to boss bars, as well as just about every other HUD texture - all support translucent pixels.

      As of 1.20.5's development, some more UI textures render as opaque, however this results from a bug (MC-268171). As that bug is planned to be fixed, this case should likely be fixed as well, hopefully alongside other UI translucency problems (MC-165182, MC-174732, MC-200987, MC-251303, MC-269083).

      How to reproduce

      1. Download and apply the attached resource pack
      2. Look at the experience bar
      3. Summon a wither and look at its boss bar

      Expected results

      The boss bar would be translucent, and the experience bar would also be translucent.

      Actual results

      The boss bar is indeed translucent. However, the experience bar is completely opaque.

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