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The tooltip displayed when hovering over the arrow's item name in the death message differs from the one seen in the inventory.


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      This bug report concerns an error in the resolution of MC-266206. As anticipated, when hovering over the item name in the death message (whether in the chat or death screen), a tooltip appears. However, this tooltip only exhibits the name of the renamed item, lacking the comprehensive information typically seen in the inventory tooltip. For instance, in the provided example, the arrow in the dispenser is enchanted with Mending, yet this enchantment is not shown in the item tooltip when hovering over the death message. Furthermore, the color of the name in the tooltip is consistently white and does not match the color of the item name when hovered over in the inventory. Although the tooltip currently reveals the UUID of the shot arrow entity, there's potential to also display all item information. Notably, in death messages, renamed items held by the killer upon the entity's demise exhibit expected tooltip behavior, mirroring that of hovering over the item in the inventory.

      To replicate:

      1. Tame a wolf.
      2. Enchant an arrow with an enchantment and rename it.
      3. Place the arrow into a dispenser.
      4. Continuously activate the dispenser until the wolf is deceased. You may want to use /damage to lower the wolf's health to expedite the process.
      5. Hover over the item name of the arrow in the death message.

      The observed result is that the tooltip does not correspond with the tooltip of the item, preventing you from seeing the enchantment, and the name of the arrow is not blue, both in the tooltip and in the chat message itself. The expected behavior would be that the tooltip matches the tooltip when hovering over the arrow in the inventory, and the name color also matches.

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