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Shulker boxes in saved hotbars inconsistently update to item components


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      Shulker boxes full of items with nbt data, saved to a hotbar before item components, do not always update automatically to use the new system, leaving empty shulker boxes

      Most often due to items inside the shulker box having NBT values that can no longer be parsed correctly, deleting the entire inventory of the shulker box rather than just the invalid component

      Has happened in at least one case with entirely valid items, cause still unknown

        1. 1.20.4 same shulker box.png
          1.20.4 same shulker box.png
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        2. 2024-03-05_00.40.24.png
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        3. 2024-03-05_00.46.09.png
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        4. 24w09a correctly updated shulker box in the next slot.png
          24w09a correctly updated shulker box in the next slot.png
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        5. 24w09a empty shulker box.png
          24w09a empty shulker box.png
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        6. hotbar.nbt
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