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Skeletons, strays, wither skeletons, boggeds and illusioners sliding on the ground


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    • 1.20.4, 24w07a, 1.21
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      The bug

      for some reason, when the skeletons in this new snapshot update 24w07a the skeletons when they shoot arrows they keep sliding on the ground for some reason

      I was testing the new skeleton that was added, then when I tested him to shoot with the bow after he shot he started to slide, then I tested with the others and he also kept sliding

      Steps to reproduce

      1. Start with creative mode
      2. Take Skeleton spawn egg and place down to ground area
      3. Press F3 + F4 to survival mode
      4. Wait for hitting to player until skeleton's walk trough then Press F3 + F4 to Creative mode

      Observed Results, The Skeleton can be sliding on the ground surface

      Expected Behavior, The Skeleton can should not sliding on the ground surface

      Note: Which also affects Strays And boggeds


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