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"Shuniji", "Dragon Fish" and "Axolotl" no longer play underwater


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      Underwater music ("Shuniji", "Dragon Fish" and "Axolotl") is no longer played in oceans or lakes, instead a normal music is played.

      Steps to reproduce:

      • Move away from your buildings and run the following commands in order:
        /fill ~-10 ~-1 ~-10 ~10 ~-1 ~10 minecraft:grass_block
        /fill ~-10 ~ ~-10 ~10 ~10 ~10 minecraft:water
        /fillbiome ~-10 ~-1 ~-10 ~10 ~10 ~10 minecraft:warm_ocean
        /effect give @s minecraft:water_breathing infinite 
        /gamemode survival 
      • Re-enter the world
      • Notice that underwater music doesn't play
      • Repeat the same steps on 24w03b: underwater music plays

      Observed result:

      "Shuniji", "Dragon Fish" and "Axolotl" music is never played underwater, instead a normal music is played.

      Expected result:

      "Shuniji", "Dragon Fish" and "Axolotl" are the only music that should be played underwater.

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