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Suffocation overlay shown when on solid almost-full blocks at scale < .06


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      When standing on a Farmland, Dirt Path or Soul Sand block while the attribute generic.scale is set to anything below 0.06, the suffocation overlay covers the player's screen (although no suffocation damage is done).

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Place down a normal block and a block of either Farmland, Dirt Path or Soul Sand next to it.
      2. Execute the command /attribute @s minecraft:generic.scale base set .06 to change your scale to 0.06.
      3. Stand on the normal block and walk on to the second one.
      4. Obverse the full-screen "suffocation overlay" is shown.

      Observed Behaviour

      The overlay is present when standing on the block (not visible in third person).

      Expected Behaviour

      The overlay is only visible when inside the block from teleporting, piston pushing it on to the player's head, etc.

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