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The subtitle for brushing armadillos is inconsistent with other item usage subtitles


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      The Bug:

      The subtitle for brushing armadillos is inconsistent with other item usage subtitles.

      The current subitle is "Armadillo brushes". This suggests that this Armadillo is the cause of the sound and that the armadillo is brushing something. This is incorrect, misleading, and inconsitent with other subtitles. The brush is the item that's being used here and the item that causes the sound, therefore the brush should be mentioned within the subtitle.

      The subtitle for using a brush on an armadillo is "Armadillo brushes", which doesn't make sense; it implies the armadillo is doing the brushing, when in actuality, the player is doing the brushing to the armadillo.

      Affected String:

      Before reading the table, please note the following:

      • Words colored in GREEN are correct.
      • Words colored in RED are incorrect.


      Sound Subtitle Current Behavior Subtitle Expected Behavior
      Stripping logs Axe strips Axe strips
      Filling glass bottles Bottle fills Bottle fills
      Using spyglasses Spyglass expands Spyglass expands
      Shearing sheep Shears click Shears click
      Brushing armadillos Armadillo brushes Brush ???

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Ensure that you have subtitles enabled in your accessibility settings.
      2. Summon an armadillo and obtain a brush.
      3. Brush the armadillo and look at the subtitle that's produced upon doing so.

      Observed Behavior:

      The "Armadillo brushes" subtitle is displayed which is incorrect and inconsistent.

      Expected Behavior:

      The brush should be mentioned within the subtitle as it is the cause of the sound. A subtitle along the lines of "Brush brushes" would be acceptable.

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