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Breezes try to jump when blocked by waterlogged blocks


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      The Bug

      When a waterlogged block is directly above a breeze's head, it tries to jump away even though its jump path is blocked.

      To reproduce

      1. Create the setup shown in the attached screenshot (breeze surrounded by glass on three sides, a fence in the ground to hold the breeze in place, and mangrove roots above the breeze)
      2. Stand 5 blocks away from the breeze, marked by the copper block
      3. Switch to survival (a repeating command block that kills wind charges will make testing easier)
      4. Observe that the breeze does not try to jump away as expected
      5. Place water in the mangrove roots
      6. Observe that the breeze tries to jump away

      Expected Result

      The breeze does not jump.

      Observed Result

      The breeze jumps when the mangrove roots are waterlogged.

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