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Breeze does not jump to floating platforms higher than player


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      The Bug

      The breeze does not jump to floating platforms higher than the player.

      To reproduce

      1. Re-create the three closest platforms in the attached screenshot, making sure the platforms are high enough (the 10 blocks below the platforms should be clear)
      2. Spawn a breeze on the copper grates
      3. Stand on the oxidized copper grates and switch to survival (a repeating command block that kills wind charges will make testing easier)
      4. Look at the breeze
      5. Notice that the breeze will jump behind you as expected
      6. Repeat steps 1-4 with the three furthest platforms, the same setup as step 1 except the tuff platform is moved 1 block upwards
      7. Notice that the breeze does not jump behind you

      Expected Result

      The breeze jumps behind you in both setups.

      Observed Result

      The breeze jumps behind you in the first setup (breeze and tuff platform at same height) but not in the second setup (tuff platform is higher than breeze).

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