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Wind charge subtitles are improperly capitalized


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      The Bug:

      Wind charge subtitles are improperly capitalized.

      Affected String:

      Before reading the table, please note the following:

      • Words colored in GREEN are correct.
      • Words colored in RED are incorrect.


      Translation Key Current String Expected String String URL on Crowdin
      subtitles.entity.generic.wind_burst Wind charge bursts Wind Charge bursts https://crowdin.com/translate/minecraft/10038/enus-engb#5362668 

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Display the affected string as listed above by using the command provided below.
        /tellraw @s {"translate":"subtitles.entity.generic.wind_burst"}
      2. Look closely at the affected word within the string.

      Observed Behavior:

      Wind charge subtitles are improperly capitalized.

      Expected Behavior:

      Wind charge subtitles would be properly capitalized.

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