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No error message when granting/revoking an advancement that is already granted/revoked


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    • 23w45a
    • 23w41a, 23w43b, 23w44a
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      The bug

      As of 23w41a, no error message is displayed when using /advancement to grant an advancement that is already attained, or when trying to revoke an advancement that is not attained.

      The error message strings still exist, e.g. commands.advancement.grant.one.to.one.failure, but they are no longer displayed.

      How to reproduce

      1. /gamerule sendCommandFeedback true
      2. /advancement revoke @s everything
      3. /advancement revoke @s only story/mine_stone
        No error message is displayed
      4. /advancement grant @s only story/mine_stone
        You are granted the advancement, and command feedback is displayed
      5. /advancement grant @s only story/mine_stone
        No error message is displayed

      Expected results

      The following error messages should be displayed:

      Couldn't revoke advancement [Stone Age] from <PLAYER> as they don't have it
      Couldn't grant advancement [Stone Age] to <PLAYER> as they already have it

      These messages are displayed in 23w40a and earlier.

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