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Inconsistent Copper Door block drops when broken with tools weaker than stone


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      Whether copper doors drop an item is determined by whether or not it is broken from the top half or bottom half with a tool weaker than stone.

      To Reproduce

      Place a copper door of any oxidation level, waxed or unwaxed. In survival mode, when broken using a pickaxe of stone material or better, or an axe of stone material or better (which may also be a bug caused by MC-266113) the door item will drop regardless of whether the top half or bottom half is broken. This works as intended. However, when a wooden tool, a tool that is not a pickaxe or axe, or a non-tool item is used to break the door, the door item will only drop when the top half is broken.


      This behavior is a side effect of copper doors being placed in the #minecraft:needs_stone_tool tag. This was likely done to keep the doors consistent with all the other copper blocks, however, this is not consistent with iron, the other metal with a door. Iron Blocks are in the #minecraft:needs_stone_tool tag, but Iron Doors are not. The solution is to remove all copper doors from this tag. For consistency, this might require all copper trapdoors to also be removed from the tag as iron trapdoors are not in the tag either.

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