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Attempting to copy a "Copy of a copy" book in a Crafter behaves incorrectly


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      Normally, it is impossible to copy a written book which is a "Copy of a copy".
      Unexpected behavior occurs when this crafting recipe is attempted using a Crafter.

      Steps to Reproduce:

        [Step 1] Create a written book.
        [Step 2] Copy the written book, then copy the copy.
        [Step 3] Place the "Copy of a copy" written book in the crafter along with a Book and Quill
        [Step 4] Power the crafter with redstone.

      Observed Results:

      The crafter spits out the "Copy of a copy" book and deletes the Book and Quill.

      Expected Results:

      The craft should fail, and both items should remain in the crafter.


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