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Minecraft is rendering Unifont incorrectly


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    • 1.20.2, 23w42a
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      Minecraft ignores empty spaces in fixed-width chars in Unifont and inserts extra spaces between every chars but this isn't a correct rendering. For example,

      1. Five Fullwidth Low Line chars (U+FF3F) should be rendered as a long connected underbar but Minecraft renders it as five separate underbars with 2px spaces between them.

      2. Circled Digit One (U+2460, ①) has empty space on its right side and Myanmar Letter O (U+1029, ဩ) has empty line on its left side. Therefore, "①ဩ" should be rendered with 2px gap between chars and "ဩ①" should be rendered without gap. However, Minecraft renders both of them with 1px gap between chars.

      3. The fonts included in a resource pack with size_overrides option "left": 0, "right": 15, should be rendered to 16px width but Minecraft renders it to 18px by inserting extra 2px spaces between chars. 

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