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Edit box length restrictions can result in unpaired surrogate characters


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      The length restriction on edit boxes can result in unpaired surrogate characters.


      1. Open the world creation screen.
      2. Paste a𐑐𐑐𐑐𐑐𐑐𐑐𐑐𐑐𐑐𐑐𐑐𐑐𐑐𐑐𐑐𐑐𐑐𐑐𐑐 (an ‘a’ followed by repeated U+10450 characters) into the world name box

      Intended behavior: The text contents cut off after one of the U+10450s.
      Actual behavior: The contents end with an unpaired surrogate character.

      Code analysis

      (For the 1.20.2 code, using Yarn version 1.20.2+build.1.)

      • TextFieldWidget#setText truncates the string to maxLength UTF-16 code units, without regard to whether doing so would split the text in the middle of a surrogate pair.
      • Similarly, TextFieldWidget#write truncates the string inserted so that the new text is at most maxLength code units long, whether or not doing so would split a surrogate pair.

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