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Pool aliases don't redirect start pool


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      Pool aliases redirect the reference to an alias pool to a different pool. This however doesn't work for the start pool.

      how to reproduce:

      I've attached a data pack broken.zip containing pools jacobsjo:pool_a (red concrete pillar) and jacobsjo:pool_b (blue concrete pillar) and a structure jacobsjo:test that uses jacobsjo:pool_a as start pool and

      "pool_aliases": [
              "type": "direct",
              "alias": "jacobsjo:pool_a",
              "target": "jacobsjo:pool_b"

      The jacobsjo:test structure is generated every 2x2 chunks.

      1. Create a world with the broken.zip datapack.
      2. Red pillars generate in the world. - The reference to jacobsjo:pool_a did not get redirected.

      To verify that the pool aliases work for pools that are not the start pool, I've attached a working.zip datapack that is identical to broken.zip except that is uses a separate start pool that then references the jacobsjo:pool_a pool.

      1. Create a world with the working.zip datapack.
      2. Blue pillars generate in the world. - The reference to jacobsjo:pool_a get correctly redirected to jacobsjo:pool_b.

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