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Mobs converting to different mobs causes wardens to no longer be angry at them


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    • 1.20.1, 23w33a
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      These actions include:

      • A skeleton being converted to a stray
      • A mooshroom being sheared into a cow
      • A pig being converted to a zombified piglin
      • A villager being converted to a witch
      • A hoglin being converted to a zoglin
      • A piglin being converted to a zombified piglin
      • A piglin brute being converted to a zombified piglin
      • A zombie villager being converted to a villager
      • A villager being converted to a zombie villager
      • A husk being converted to a zombie
      • A zombie being converted to a drowned
      • A large slime converting to smaller slimes
      • A large magma cube converting to smaller magma cubes

      The bug

      If a warden gets angry at a certain mob (see list above), and said mob transforms into a another mob before the warden can kill it, the warden will not remain angry at this mob and will need to become aggressive toward it a second time.

      How to reproduce using the skeleton as a test case

      My setup isn't great - there's definitely improvements that could be done to make it easier to reproduce. A screenshot is attached: a skeleton is spawned within the powder snow and a button is used to spawn a warden behind it via command block after the skeleton starts vibrating, such that it offers enough time for the warden to get angry without landing a killing blow. The repeating command blocks are to kill arrows and get rid of the darkness effect.

      Expected results

      The warden would remain angry even when the targeted skeleton becomes a stray.

      Actual results

      It loses its target.

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