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"bundle" folder in the sprites directory with only an mcmeta file


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      In the new sprites directory, there is a folder called bundle which only has background.png.mcmeta in it. An additional folder under sprites/container/bundle houses all the bundle texture files, including one titled background.png, which I believe is the file of interest for that mcmeta file.

      In a discussion in Slicedlime's discord server, Gegy stated this looks like a bug.

      (link to discussion message for reference: https://discord.com/channels/173877869640941568/381490427255324672/1136361154214625330)

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Open the game jar file with an archive software (or copy the jar and add .zip after the file extension and open like a zip file)
        • On windows, run Win + R and enter %appdata%\.minecraft\versions\<version> into the text box to navigate to the game jar
          • Replace <version> with the affected version in question
      2. Navigate to assets/minecraft/textures/gui/sprites
      3. Look for a bundle folder
        • Observed: such folder exists and houses the mcmeta file
        • Expected: such folder would not exist, only sprites/container/bundle and the mcmeta file would be there in it

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