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Lever base texture is mapped upside-down


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      Closely relates to MC-262631 and MC-249514.

      The bug

      The way in which the cobblestone texture is applied to levers is rotated 180 degrees from what it should be. The effects of this are very obvious for wall levers.

      This has been an issue since 14w10a.

      How to reproduce

      1. Place a cobblestone block at eye level
      2. Look directly at a horizontal side of the cobblestone block, head-on
      3. Place a lever on it

      Expected results

      The texture mapping of the cobblestone of the lever would match up with the cobblestone block.

      Actual results

      It doesn't match up at all.

      How to fix

      Fixed model files are attached, which should make this a super-easy drag-and-drop fix,

        1. 2023-05-22_21.24.47.png
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        4. lever_on.json
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        5. lever.json
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