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Pitcher plant breaks and floats when growing without enough light


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      When attempting to grow a pitcher plant using bone meal if there is not enough light, the bottom of the plant breaks and the top remains floating when it reaches the last stage.

      This happens for example in the nether or in a dark room.

      To reproduce

      1. Go to a dark place, e.g. a cave, or create a dark room:
        /fill ~-4 ~ ~-4 ~4 ~8 ~4 stone hollow
      2. Place a block of glowstone
      3. Place a farmland block
      4. Place the pitcher pod on the farmland
      5. Break the glowstone
      6. Right click with the bone meal, until the pitcher plant is fully grown.

      Expected result

      The plant can be planted, and when bonemeal is applied, it remains fully grown and can be harvested.

      Observed result

      The lower half of the plant breaks when it is fully grown, but the upper half remains.

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