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Blank decorated pot's NBT depends on method used to obtain it


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    • 23w31a
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      A blank decorated pot will either have no NBT or the sherds tag with four brick patterns depending on the method used to obtain it.

      1. Crafting the decorated pot with four bricks will give a decorated pot with no NBT.
      2. Placing and then breaking a decorated pot with silk touch gives the NBT = 
        {BlockEntityTag: {sherds: ["minecraft:brick", "minecraft:brick", "minecraft:brick", "minecraft:brick"]}

      I would expect either both or neither of these pots to have NBT, not mixed results. An impact this has on survival is that if you hold shift then double-click a chest full of empty pots only the ones with identical NBT will move. Therefore, only the crafted or mined blank pots will move, not both.

      In 23w07a, crafting the decorated pot would give the same NBT that you get from breaking the pot. However, this changed in 1.19.4 Pre-release 1 to the current results. 1.19.4-pre1 also added decorated pots to the recipe book, which I suspect is related to this change.

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