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Mangrove propagules appear darker than they should due to shading not being disabled


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      Closely relates to MC-129826, MC-214662, MC-236474 and MC-262410.

      The bug

      When placed, mangrove propagules appear darker than other cross models and darker than their item form would imply.

      How to reproduce

      1. Place a mangrove propagule
      2. Compare it to its item texture

      Expected results

      The mangrove propagule would be brighter.

      Actual results

      It isn't.

      How to fix

      This is an incredibly easy fix - just add

      "shade": false

      to each of the four elements of models/block/mangrove_propagule.json. I've attached a fixed model file and fixed resource pack to demonstrate this fix. Mojang have my full permission to use this fix.

      Further notes

      Potted mangrove propagules are also affected and will need a separate fix (MC-129826's fix alone will not carry over to them). MC-262433's optimization fixes this issue for potted mangrove propagules.

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