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The stepping_on predicate condition does not correctly succeed on trapdoors


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    • 23w18a
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      23w18a fixed a step sound bug, as well as the stepping_on predicate condition not checking the block the player is "attached" to when shift-crouching far off the side above air/fluid.

      However, this is not true for closed bottom-half trapdoors. Even if stood in the centre of the trapdoor, the predicate does not succeed. This is the case regardless of whether a block is underneath the trapdoor.

      To reproduce:

      1. Create a predicate that only tests for stepping_on trapdoor (attached called step, within the test datapack).
      2. Stand on a closed bottom-half trapdoor.
      3. Run /execute if predicate test:step.
      4. Note that the test fails.

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