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The new font makes Korean difficult to read


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      23w17a update fixed various notation problems related to Korean, but this update is being taken seriously by Koreans. Some Minecraft players in Korea are looking for ways to rollback fonts to their previous snapshots.

      It's very difficult for us to read letters because the (Korean) consonants and vowels are not correctly positioned, and the sizes of each letter are all different.

      For Example, 23w16a has almost the same size of all letters, but 23w17a does not.

      Most of the letters are messy, but I only marked the difference that even those who don't know Korean(Hangul) can easily to find out.

      I think the easiest solution is to apply the new font. (most of modern unifont's Hangul is difficult to read.)

      + Generating Hangul Syllables(https://unifoundry.com/hangul/hangul-generation.html) applied after unifont 5.1 seems to have created this terrible font.

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