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Smithing recipe must have template to work


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      Recipes for the smithing table (added through datapacks) which do not include an item to use as the smithing template do not work.

      This breaks several datapacks and makes frankly very little sense.

      How to reproduce:

      • Download the attached datapack
      • Create a new test world which uses the attached datapack. (The datapack includes new recipes for netherite tools which are the same as vanilla but without the template)
      • Try to make a netherite sword, shovel, axe, pickaxe, hoe or helmet by placing the diamond equivalent and a netherite ingot in the smithing table (do not include a smithing template) --> It will not produce an output.

      None of the recipes will work, even if they're included in the datapack. I included multiple recipes because each one of them uses a different syntax to achieve a template-less recipe, but, as you can see, none of them work.

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