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Wardens do not pathfind to the source of vibrations through resonance despite knowing their location when hostile


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      The Bug:

      Wardens do not pathfind to the original source of vibrations heard from resonance, which is inconsistent with other aspects of amethyst resonance, where it relays all the information of the vibration made. 

      With the fix of MC-261356, they will be triggered by player sounds heard from resonance, and immediately pathfind to the player as if suddenly knowing their location, but before this they only pathfind to the sculk sensor they heard, as if clueless to where the player or other mobs are.

      A clear video demonstrating this behavior can be seen below:

      How to Reproduce:

      1. Summon a Warden near sculk sensors on amethyst blocks so the resonance feature can be used
      2. Have a warden hear vibrations from a player or mob through the resonance
      3. Take note as to how the Warden will at first only pathfind to the sensors rather the area where the source vibration comes from 
      4. Let the Warden become hostile from the same vibrations; it will suddenly know the location of the source vibrations and pathfind there

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