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Sniffers won't eat Pitcher Pods but Chickens and Parrots will


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      The Bug:

      I'd assume that since Sniffers sniff out and dig up Pitcher Pods, they'd be able to eat them like Torchflower seeds. This however is not the case.
      Meanwhile, Chickens are gladly tempted/breed with Pitcher Pods and Parrots can be tamed with them, as seen in the video below:


      I suspect either Sniffers not being able to eat them is an oversight or Parrots/Chickens being able to eat them is the oversight, one of the two.

      How to Reproduce:

      1. Get a Pitcher Pod and try to feed it to a Sniffer; it will not accept it
      2. Try the same for a Chicken and Parrot. Both mobs will eat the Pitcher Pod

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