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Reversed Comma doesn't render properly when using the Unicode font


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      The Reversed Comma (⹁) (U+2E41) shows as a blank square, even though some other comma types such as the Arabic one works fine

      This type of comma is used a lot in the Malay Jawi translations in the place of the regular Arabic Comma, as Jawi has it's own sets of punctuation marks that is slightly different than in Arabic...


      Example #1 - Comparison with other comma types

      Reversed Comma compared with the Regular Comma (U+002C) and the Arabic Comma (U+060C). The Arabic Comma seems to be rendered with the Unicode font even without Force Unicode Font enabled.


      Example #2 - "Two Birds One Arrow" advancement

      The Jawi Malay translation for the Two Birds One Arrow advancement (دوا بوروڠ⹁ ساتو انق ڤانه) uses the reversed comma... This is the easiest example I could give


      Steps to Reproduce
      Example #1
      1. Copy and paste the following command, then execute it:

      /tellraw @s [{"text":"minecraft:default: , ،  ⹁\n","font":"minecraft:default"},{"text":"minecraft:uniform: , ،  ⹁","font":"minecraft:uniform"}] 

          The comma shows as a blank box while the other two works fine when using the Unicode font


      Example #2
      1. Change the language to Jawi Malay, located at the very bottom of the language page
      2a. Copy and paste the following command, then execute it;

      /tellraw @s [{"translate":"advancements.adventure.two_birds_one_arrow.title","font":"minecraft:default"},{"text":"\n"},{"translate":"advancements.adventure.two_birds_one_arrow.title","font":"minecraft:uniform"}]

      2b. Or grant the Two Bird One Arrow using the following command once each with and without Force Unicode Font enabled:

      /advancement grant @a only minecraft:adventure/two_birds_one_arrow

          The comma shows as a blank box when using the unicode font


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