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Using bone meal on upper pitcher crop doesn't advance the age of the lower half


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      The Bug:

      When a pitcher crop advances to age 3, its upper stage becomes tangible and can be targeted. If the player then uses bone meal on the upper hitbox, the plant's top half will advance to age 4 but the bottom remains at age 3. Updating the blocks next to the lower half does not resolve this. Additionally, bonemealing the lower half will always correctly advance the age of both halves.

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Plant a pitcher pod (say that three times fast) in farmland and bone meal the plant ONLY until it advances to age 3. This make take a few attempts due to MC-261205.
      2. Target the upper half of the crop and use bone meal.
      3. Observe the age of the two halves.

      Observed Behavior

      Only the upper half advances to age 4, the lower does not update and remains at age 3.

      Expected Behavior

      Both halves update to age 4.

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