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Conduit effect duration is not shown as infinite when in range


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      The bug

      When in the range of a conduit and in water, the Conduit Power status effect will indefinitely apply to a player.

      Status effects which never expire are now marked with an infinity symbol. However, despite the fact that conduit effects never expire on a player within range and in water, an infinity symbol does not appear to be used.

      How to reproduce

      1. Construct a conduit
      2. Enter the inventory screen and note the effect's duration (while in the range of the conduit and touching water)

      Expected results

      As the player is still in the conduit's area of effect and is still in contact with water, the effect's duration would display as infinite as it never expires. Only once the player leaves the water and/or is out of range of the conduit should it show a finite duration and start counting down to zero.

      Actual results

      The duration of the effect is not shown as infinite when in the conduit's range, but rather as a finite value which is periodically reset.

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