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Some words within "/scoreboard" command feedback messages are always pluralized


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      The Bug:

      Some words within "/scoreboard" command feedback messages are always pluralized.

      This is an issue because when the value before the given noun is "1", the noun's plural form is used instead of its singular one, therefore making the string grammatically incorrect in some cases.

      Affected Strings:

      Before reading the table, please note the following:

      • Words colored in GREEN are correct.
      • Words colored in RED are incorrect.


      Translation Key Current String Expected String String URL on Crowdin
      commands.scoreboard.objectives.list.success There are %s objectives: %s There is/are %s objective(s): %s https://crowdin.com/translate/minecraft/10038/enus-engb#5341408 
      commands.scoreboard.players.list.entity.success %s has %s scores: %s has %s score(s): https://crowdin.com/translate/minecraft/10038/enus-engb#5341428 
      commands.scoreboard.players.list.success There are %s tracked entities: %s There is/are %s tracked entity/entities: %s https://crowdin.com/translate/minecraft/10038/enus-engb#5341424 

      Alternatively, instead of having one string cover both the plural and non-plural variants of the word, two separate translation strings could be created, one of which covers the plural variant and the other that covers the non-plural variant.

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Display any of the affected strings as listed above by using the command provided below and replacing "XYZ" with the string's translation key.
        /tellraw @s {"translate":"XYZ"}
      2. Look closely at the affected words within the string.
      3. Take note as to whether or not some words within "/scoreboard" command feedback messages are always pluralized.

      Observed Behavior:

      Some words are always pluralized.

      Expected Behavior:

      The said words would be correctly singularized or pluralized where appropriate.

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