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Terrible loudness following consecutive use of /fill


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    • 23w31a
    • 1.19.4 Pre-release 1, 23w12a
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    • Windows 11
      Java 17.0.3
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      How to Reproduce:

      Enter the following command consecutively as quickly as you can. You'll notice that each time you run it, the sounds will get louder and louder until it's pretty much intolerable.

      /fill ~ ~ ~ ~10 ~ ~10 minecraft:chorus_flower

      If you're feeling especially brave, you can try a repeating command block with `replace minecraft:air` appended to the aforementioned command.


      I was doing some more testing after others said that they couldn't reproduce it, and I discovered that this occurs strictly when I have my headphones plugged in. Perhaps it's a driver issue instead or a problem with the headphones?

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