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The sound of the torchflower being broken after growing is different than the sound of it breaking after being placed


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      I was messing around with the torchflower when I heard the sound is different from breaking it after being placed and breaking it after growing it.

      The following is described by DiamondDragon721:
      It is not consistent with other fully grown crops for the Torchflower and its previous stages to not share the same noises,as seen in the video below. All crops have the same sound, no matter the growth stage.

      In fact, more steps have been taken with other bug reports to make the Torchflower Flower more like its Crop counterpart, including making it the only flower that "maintains farmland."

      And to top it all off, the Pitcher Plant Flower actually shares the same noise as the Pitcher Plant Crop, despite also being different. In all 3 angles, the Torchflower is inconsistent here, and this behavior can be observed in the linked video.


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