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item_display does not take some nbt tags into account


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      The new item_display seem to not be able to render loaded Crossbows.

      Tried with different "rendering" options (GUI, ground, fixed, firstperson_righthand, head...)


      What I expect:

      When the tag Charged is set to 1b, the crossbow is displayed with an arrow in my inventory. So if I summon the item_display with a crossbow and the tag "Charged:1b", if the item_display is set to "gui", it should also displays the arrow.


      Step to reproduce:

      run this command:

      summon minecraft:item_display ~ ~1 ~ {item:{id:"minecraft:crossbow",Count:1,tag:{Charged:1b}},item_display:"gui"}


      Side note:

      Armor stands are able to render the crossbow with the arrow.

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