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Text scrolling speed isn't accessible-friendly


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    • 23w06a, 23w07a
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      The Bug:

      Text scrolling speed isn't accessible-friendly.

      In 23w06a, text scrolling was added to fix issues where text would be displayed outside of their buttons. This feature is really neat, however, in some cases where the given text is really long, it can scroll at a notably fast rate therefore making it barely legible, especially to individuals that suffer from dyslexia. While it's true that the fixing of MC-259893 would resolve a large portion of this core problem, remnants of it would still remain. Currently, the speed at which text scrolls is determined by how long the text is and there is currently no way to alter it.

      The in-game additions of the "Distortion Effects" slider and the "FOV Effects" slider heavily suggest that Mojang aims to make the game more accessible for audiences of any kind. The concept of accessibility is also reinforced by the triaging and fixing of bug reports such as MC-221686, MC-245937MC-253881MC-253367, MC-253968, and MC-259197. This persuades me to believe that speed of text scrolling should be able to be controlled.

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Change your language to one that consists of long pieces of text, for example, Catalan (Català).
      2. Navigate to your video settings and watch the speed at which text scrolls within buttons and sliders.
      3. Navigate to your accessibility settings and observe how there's no option to control the speed at which the text scrolls.

      Observed Behavior:

      Text scrolling speed isn't accessible-friendly and cannot be controlled, thus in some cases creating an inconvenience for players, especially to those for suffer from dyslexia.

      Expected Behavior:

      There should be an option to control the speed of text scrolling.

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