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The color palettes for "iron" and "iron_darker" trims are flipped


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      The color palettes for iron and iron_darker appear to be switched around.

      Steps to Reproduce:

      • On a world with 1.20 experiments enabled, put iron trims on iron armor and another armor material (e.g. diamond)
        • Preferably use trims that contain darker colors such as Ward or Rib because of another palette issue described at the bottom of this ticket
      • Place down two armor stands next to each other and put the armor pieces on the armor stands and observe the colors of the trims and observe the colors
        • Iron armor has lighter trims than the others

      Locating the image files:

      • Navigate to the version jar under .minecraft\versions\23w05a
        • If on a Windows system, you can type %appdata%\.minecraft\versions\23w05a in the Run window (Win + R) for quick navigation
      • Open the jar file with an archive software such as WinRAR (or make a copy of the jar file somewhere and add .zip to the end of the file name past the file extension and open it)
      • Navigate to assets\minecraft\textures\trims\color_palletes
      • Locate the iron.png and iron_darker.png image files in the directory

      If you observe the two image files, you can see that the palette for iron has darker pixels than that for iron_darker.

      Upscaled versions of the palettes have been attached to the ticket.

      While the lightest three colors in both palettes appear identical, that is being tracked in MC-259640.

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