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Camels, horses and mules bounce high into the air when being ridden across water


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    • 23w05a, 23w06a, 23w07a
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      This bug happens when riding a camel, horse, or mule across water.

      Expected behaviour

      The animal either swims across the water regularly, or sinks and dismounts the player (as it would in previous versions of the game).

      Observed bahaviour

      The animal bounces up and down, and the more it swims, the more it bounces up and down.

      The player is only dismounted when the animal bounces so much that the player is completely submerged when the camel falls back into the water.

      To reproduce

      1. Get a camel and saddle it
      2. Steer it towards a large pool of water
      3. Sprint into the water


      Minecraft 23w05a - Singleplayer 2023-02-01 22-39-00.mp4

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