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The damage tilt effect isn't accessible-friendly



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      The Bug:

      The damage tilt effect isn't accessible-friendly.

      When you take damage, the damage tilt animation is played. This basically shakes your screen. Due to the fix of MC-26678, the damage tilt now shows the direction of incoming damage and in some cases, this causes the screen to violently shake, thus potentially creating a distorting inconvenience for players since there is currently no way to disable this.

      The in-game additions of the "Distortion Effects" slider and the "FOV Effects" slider heavily suggest that Mojang aims to make the game more accessible for audiences of any kind. The concept of accessibility is also reinforced by the triaging and fixing of bug reports such as MC-221686, MC-245937MC-253881MC-253367, and MC-253968. This persuades me to believe that the distortion severity of the damage tilt effect should be able to be controlled.

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Give yourself the resistance effect and summon a zombie by using the commands provided below.
        /effect give @s minecraft:resistance 999999 255 true
        /summon minecraft:zombie ~ ~ ~ {ArmorItems:[{},{},{},{id:"minecraft:diamond_helmet",Count:1b}]}
      2. Allow the zombie to attack you and watch closely as the damage tilt animation is played.
      3. Observe how the screen harshly jerks and how there's no way to stop this from happening.

      Observed Behavior:

      The damage tilt effect isn't accessible-friendly and cannot be disabled, thus in some cases creating a distorting inconvenience for players.

      Expected Behavior:

      There should be an option to control if or how much the damage tilt effect can make the screen shake.




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