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Advancement trigger "item_used_on_block" doesn't work or works wrong when used some items


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        "criteria": {
          "any_item_used_on_any_block": {
            "trigger": "minecraft:item_used_on_block",
            "conditions": {}
        "rewards": {
          "function": "minecraft:test"


      say 1
      advancement revoke @s only minecraft:test 

      Doesn't work when
      used Glass Bottle on Water block
      placed Fluid block by using Bucket with Fluid
      used any Bucket(except Powder Snow Bucket) on Fluid block, waterlogged block or Powder Snow
      waterlogging blocks
      placed any Boat
      placed Lily Pad or Frogspawn

      It works when
      placed block (except Frogspawn and Lily Pad)
      took plant from Flower Pot
      placed plant in a Flower Pot
      placed item on Campfire to cook it
      used Fire Charge to lit any Campfire
      used Flint and Steel to lit any Campfire
      used Flint and Steel to make a Fire block
      used Shovel to extinguish any Campfire
      used Shovel to make Dirt Path block
      used Bone Meal
      used item on Composter to fill it
      used Compass on Lodestone
      used Map on Banner
      used Eye of Ender on End Portal Frame
      used block to similar what affects changing block state
      placed entity by item (except boats)
      used Spawn Egg on Spawner
      used Debug Stick on block to change it's block state
      used Hoe to make Farmland block
      used Shears to carve Pumpkin
      used Shears on Bee Nest or Beehive blocks with "honey_level": 5 block state
      used Glass Bottle on Bee Nest or Beehive blocks with "honey_level": 5 block state
      used Inc Sac or Glow Ink Sac on Sign or Hanging Sign
      interacted with Sign or Hanging Sign to edit text
      started using Brush on any block
      interacted with block that has GUI
      interacted with Bell
      interacted with Note Block
      interacted with Bed
      interacted with Lectern if it has a Book
      placed Book on Lectern
      interacted with Button, Fence Gate, Lever, Daylight Detector, Repeater, Comparator, Redstone Ore block,
      interacted with Door or Trapdoor (except Iron)
      interacted with Jukebox to get Music Disc
      interacted with Sign blocks
      interacted with Chest even it doesn't open
      used Music disc on Jukebox

      Unexpected but it works when
      started eating Carrot, Potato, Sweet Berries or Glow Berries when targeted a block(black outline on the block what player looking at). 
      used Lead on Fence with no leashed entity what doesn't affects creating leash_knot entity. But there is animation
      interacted with Flower Pot even nothing happens and there is no animation
      interacted with Chiseled Bookshelf with any item but there is no animation(except Book, there is animation).

      Works twice when
      used Shears on Cave Vines(Glow Berries), Twisting Vines, Weeping Vines
      used Axe on Waxed Copper blocks, Logs, Wood block.
      used Honeycomb on Copper blocks or Sign Blocks

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