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End crystal and TNT explosions do same damage regardless of difficulty


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    • 1.19.3, 23w04a
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      The Bug:
      End crystals do the same damage across difficulties in 1.19.3. This also applies to TNT explosions.
      This is what the damage looks like when you stand in the middle of one:

      1.19.2 and previous versions:
      Peaceful: 0 hp / 0 full hearts
      Easy: 43.5 hp/ 21.75 full hearts
      Normal: 85 hp / 42.5 full hearts
      Hard: 127.5 hp / 63.75 full hearts

      Peaceful: 85 hp / 42.5 full hearts
      Easy: 85 hp / 42.5hp full hearts
      Normal: 85 hp / 42.5 hp full hearts
      Hard: 85 hp / 42.5 hp full heartsĀ 

      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Set the difficulty to anything other than normal, such as hard, peaceful, or easy.
      2. Spawn an end crystal.
      3. Observe that the end crystal does the same damage as it would on normal difficulty.

      Expected behavior:
      The damage from an end crystal should do the same as on version 1.19.2 and before that.

      Actual behavior:
      The same damage that end crystals do on normal difficulty is the same as on other difficulties.

      Code analysis:
      Code analysis by etch can be found in this comment.

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