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Camels with large LastPoseTime values offset the player view model strangely


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      When riding a Camel your model's viewpoint is usually on the back of the Camel. However it looks like this is determined by the LAST_POSE_TICK value for the Camel. When setting this to something high, such as 20000L it'll cause your view to jump up or down (depends on if the Camel is sitting or not) in the Y axis. 

      Reproduction steps:

      1. Create a world with the 1.20 experimental feature flag enabled.
      2. Spawn a Camel.
      3. Merge new NBT data into the Camel using /data merge entity <uuid> {LastPoseTick:80000L}  
      4. Ride the Camel and notice your view jump by about 500 blocks.

      How high the value is determining how far your view offsets. 

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