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note_block_sound data is lost when breaking a player head


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    • 1.19.3 Pre-release 3
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      When you break a player head with the tag note_block_sound set, which makes the note block placed below produce the specified sound as expected, the resulting item doesn't have the tag.

      To reproduce

      1. Stand on top of a note block
      2. Run the command
        /setblock ~ ~ ~ player_head{note_block_sound:"minecraft:ambient.cave"}
      3. Right-click the note block, this will cause a spooky sound to play
      4. Switch into Survival mode
      5. Break the head
      6. Select it in your hotbar
      7. Run
        /data get entity @s SelectedItem
      8. Place it back on top of the note block
      9. Right-click the note block again

      Observed result

      No sound is played and the result of the command is

      {id: "minecraft:player_head", Count: 1b}

      Expected result

      A spooky sound is played and the result of the command is

      {id: "minecraft:player_head", Count: 1b, tag: {BlockEntityData: {note_block_sound: "minecraft:ambient.cave"}}}

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