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Death message from explosions by TNT and TNT minecarts that are not the cause of a player or another mob has changed


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      The death message caused by getting exploded by TNT and TNT minecarts via a non-player cause has changed from "<Player> blew up" to "<Player> was blown up by [Primed TNT/Minecart with TNT]"

      From what I've been told in the Mojira discord there has been refactoring of damage sources and that could possibly be the cause of this change if it's true. I'm writing this report in case this behavior is not intentional.

      Steps to Reproduce:

      • Run one of the following commands: 
        /summon minecraft:tnt
        /summon minecraft:tnt_minecart ~ ~5 ~
      • Wait for explosion and take note of the death message

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