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Game mode is sometimes referred to as "gamemode"


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      The bug

      The following keys incorrectly refer to the concept of game modes using the spelling "gamemode" (single word):

      Translation key Incorrect value (en_us) Notes
      debug.creative_spectator.help F3 + N = Cycle previous gamemode <-> spectator  
      debug.creative_spectator.error Unable to switch gamemode; no permission  
      argument.entity.options.gamemode.description Players with gamemode See also MC-128972

      For context, here are the strings that use the correct spelling:

      Translation key Correct value (en_us)
      gameMode.changed Your game mode has been updated to %s
      selectWorld.gameMode Game Mode
      debug.gamemodes.help F3 + F4 = Open game mode switcher
      debug.gamemodes.error Unable to open game mode switcher; no permission
      commands.defaultgamemode.success The default game mode is now %s
      commands.gamemode.success.self Set own game mode to %s
      commands.gamemode.success.other Set %s's game mode to %s
      argument.entity.options.mode.invalid Invalid or unknown game mode '%s'

      Steps to reproduce

      1. Press F3 + Q
      2. Find the description for "F3 + N"


      "Game mode" is commonly spelt as a single word within the Minecraft community, coming from the name of the /gamemode command. Nonetheless, the official/correct way to spell it appears to be with two words.

      The idea for this bug report came from a comment by Dhranios (MC-128972)

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