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Bamboo breaking animation is horizontally misaligned with the bamboo texture


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      The bug

      The block cracking animation is not aligned correctly with the texture of minecraft:bamboo in either of its two age states.

      How to reproduce

      1. Place bamboo such that it grows past the sapling stage
      2. Start breaking it in Survival

      Expected results

      The cracking animation would be aligned to the texture of the bamboo block, like it is with all other blocks in the world.

      Actual results

      The cracking texture is almost always misaligned to the side by some extent, causing weird visual effects, especially at the corners where a full pixel cannot be displayed.

      How to fix

      Restricting bamboo's random offset to only each sixteenth of a block would very likely fix this issue, as this way the texture would always be aligned to the pixel grid and disallow weird cutoffs.

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